• Normandy shutters are made from the Kiri tree, one of the world's fastest growing tree species. Sawn timber can be harvested in less than 10 years and after harvesting, a new tree can grow from the original stump (coppice growth) making it one of those rare environmental solutions that also make economic sense.
  • The Kiri tree has a long tap root system that regulates the water table. It keeps soil salinity in check and absorbs waste water pollutants. Because its root system does not compete with the roots of most crops it is a favoured tree species used for intercropping.
  • Dimensionally stable, consistently knot-free, durable and light hardwood.
  • Beautiful light honey to blond colour with an extraordinary wood grain that has a silky and satin appearance.
  • A timber with one of the highest strength to weight ratios that resists splitting and warping.
  • Free of volatile oils and low in resin – fire retardant (ignition temperature of 420°C to 430°C, compared to the average hardwood of 220°C to 225°C)
  • Low thermal conductivity, thus excellent insulation qualities.
  • Naturally resistant to rotting and decay.
  • Our reinforced engineered stiles are made using multiple layers of wood that are bonded together to bolster the stability of the stile. The result is a robust and hearty support system for your shutter.
  • Traditionally used in furniture and building construction, mortise and tenon joints are designed to withstand the shear stress and racking forces applied when operating a shutter. This makes the mortise and tenon an ideal joint for shutters.
  • Our patented wood drying technique dries the wood to emulate the environmental conditions of the location where the shutters will be installed. This practice reduces post installation shrinking and swelling.
  • Quarter-sawn louvres are created by making parallel cuts to the tree ring. As a result, the louvres have a higher dimensional stability which resists cupping, twisting and warping.
  • Assembled shutters undergo a meticulous process that includes the application of five separate hand sandings and application of five coats of your ideal paint or stain.
  • Choose from a palette of natural and solid colours or stains, as well as custom colours that can be matched to any paint you choose.
  • Naturally resistant to the threat of beetle / wood borer
  • Special shapes like arches, circles, triangles, hexagons etc.
  • 3 tilt rod options - traditional / off-set and secret tilt

Download Normandy Brocure - 211kb