Motorize and bring curtains to life: it’s so easy!
With only two drive units and one rail to meet most of the market needs, Glystro® is both time-saving and effective for
meeting with the requirements of your customers as well as your own.

The specialist in motorization for indoor and outdoor blinds and awnings, roller shutters, garage doors and gates - Somfy consolidates its position as a leader and broadens the range of your offer, by extending its know-how to curtains. The new Glystro® range carries a 5-year guarantee, reflecting its ISO 9001 certified quality.

Love tech?

You’ll love the new Somfy Connexoon. It’s a hardware device that connects to your wifi router and allows you to control your motorized blinds from an app on your smartphone. Pretty cool, hey?

The app allows you to control individual blinds via your smartphone. You can also combine multiple blinds into a scene and at one click of a button have all your blinds move to a programmed position when you wake up or arrive home after a long day at work. You can even set timers for individual blinds to open or close at certain times of the day when you’re away on holiday for example.

Let spring in

Raise your blinds and let the light shine in with the new Somfy Sonesse 30 Built-in Battery Motor…so silent, you won’t even hear it work.

The new motor features the following benefits:

  • Power – the 2mm motor can drive a Roller Blind 2.9m x 4m
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Somfy Sonesse silent operation
  • Available for use in Blind Designs’ Roller, Vision and Visage Blinds
  • Can be used in a Blind Designs System 40 (up to 2.9m wide) and a Blind Designs System 55 (up to 4m wide) Roller Blind
  • LED indicator on the motor head glows when battery is low
  • Sleep mode for programming multiple motors

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