screen fabrics
screen fabrics
screen fabrics

We have now updated our screen ranges which include:

Sheerweave 4500. 5% (indoor/outdoor)
Sheerweave 4510. 10% (indoor/outdoor)
Sheerweave 4650. 3% (indoor/outdoor)
TexScreen. 5%
Reflection. 3%
Perspective 3%
Aspect 1%
Soltis 99 1% (indoor/outdoor)
Sheerweave by Phier function...

Natural light can be a beautiful design element with a little sun management. Elegantly managing the sun’s heat and glare can be accomplished with Phifer’s SheerWeave interior sun control fabrics. SheerWeave’s light-filtering qualities diffuse light, reduce glare and help control solar heat gain to make any room a more comfortable environment. As SheerWeave filters and diffuses light, it also helps reduce the fading of textiles and interior furnishings. SheerWeave fabrics provide energy-efficient solutions by reducing the amount of solar heat gain.


With a whisper of light and color, SheerWeave fabrics are the perfect complement to any interior decor. The simple yet beautiful weaves of SheerWeave fabrics add a rich, subtle texture without taking away from the overall interior design scheme. Simple, clean and classic, the aesthetic quality of SheerWeave allows it to be used in combination with other draperies and window coverings quality... Phifer’s quality standards are among the highest in the world. All SheerWeave fabrics are manufactured in a state of-the-art facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA under strict guidelines through ISO certified production processes. From yarn coating to packaging, every step of the production process is checked to ensure only the finest quality fabrics are given the Phifer name.

01 SheerWeave
Microban Brochure
Sheerweave 2012
Sheerweave 2017
SheerWeave 3000 Spec Sheet
Sheerweave 4500 - NEW
SheerWeave 4500 Spec Sheet
Sheerweave Blind Designs Brochure
SheerWeave Broch 2011
SheerWeave Brochure V11 LR
SW Vision Advert LR
SW4550 V10